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September 07, 2009


Gizelle Smith & the Mighty Mocambos – The Time Is Right For Love b/w Part 2 Instrumental

  • 1. The Time Is Right For Love - Part 1
  • 2. The Time Is Right For Love - Part 2 (Instrumental)

Another smash hit from Gizelle Smith & the Mighty Mocambos. Soul Seed is the name of a rare soul/raw funk club night in Turku, Finland. To celebrate their anniversary, they decided to release a new, female version of one of their all-time favourites. Mocambo gladly accepted the offer and created an upbeat version of the slow & sultry B. Reed tune. Originally only a giveaway for Soul Seed club members, the 45 will be available in selected shops in very limited quantities. Features a sweet instrumental with flute taking over the lead vocals on the flip. First copies had mispellings on the label, "GIZELLA SMITH" instead of "GIZELLE", later corrected.

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